Airfield Run 2019 on 14 April 2019

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Rent a Tent / Beer tent furniture

Order your team tent in the registration process! The mentioned quantity of beer tent furniture per tent is included in the price. One beer tent furniture contains of one beer table and two benches.

Please choose:

Tent 3x3 m; incl. 1 beer tent furniture, Price 339,00€ (incl. 54,13€ VAT)

Tent 5x5 m; incl. 3 beer tent furniture, Price 949,00€ (incl. 151,52 VAT)

Beer tent furniture extra; Price; 41,65€ (incl. 6,65€ VAT)


You want an energy boost before the race or a little reward for the "done job". No problem:

Whatever you prefer, our caterer will fullfil your food & baverage wishes.
Just ask for your individual offer:

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