Airfield Run 2019 on 14 April 2019

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Airfield Run – Running with a good green conscience

The nature scouts of the Team Döberitzer Heide want to plant a meadow orchard next to their headquarters in the heathland of Döberitz near Berlin, whereby the orchard shall only contain traditional fruits from the Havelland. The aim is to not only preserve traditional tree species from this region, but to also foster the biodiversity of the Döberitz heathland in general. Birds and bees will evidently profit from a meadow orchard in the heathland. We hope that the hoopoe will benefit from a meadow orchard as well. It has only recently rediscovered our heathland as a suitable habitat, as a result of which the nature scouts have built nesting boxes for the hoopoes already living in the heathland.

To plant and to care for this meadow orchard will be an enduring project which the children and teenagers of the Team Döberitzer Heide will take much pleasure in for a long time

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